Andreas Borgeas

Andreas Borgeas

State Senator — CA 8

Republican Representing Amador, Calaveras, Fresno, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa, Mono, Sacramento, Stanislaus, Tulare, & Tuolumne Counties

Senator Andreas Borgeas is on his way to becoming one of the most anti-environment California Senators.

In only his first year in office he managed to consistently vote against the environment, against polluter accountability, and against environmental health protections. Senator Borgeas also authored an extremely harmful anti-environment bill in 2019 which would have created a chilling effect on public participation in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process, which is the law that requires the public disclosure of environmental impacts of a project and holds polluters accountable for their actions.

Air Quality & Climate Protection

In 2019, opposed SB 210 which created a Smog Check program for diesel trucks, which emit toxic air pollutants, similar to current Smog Check requirements for passenger vehicles.

Health & Environmental Protections

In 2019, opposed AB 35 to require reporting and follow up on tests showing high lead levels in employees.

In 2019, opposed SB 1 which would have defended California from the Trump Administration’s attempts to rollback or weaken workplace safety laws and environmental laws.

In 2019, opposed AB 142 which provides ongoing funding for the cleanup of lead contamination caused by lead acid battery smelting facilities, in particular to help communities near the site of the former Exide battery plant in Los Angeles County.

In 2019 supported SB 25, which would reduce environmental review and restrict public participation under the California Environmental Quality Act for projects even just partially funded by opportunity zone funds, which could include industrial or commercial developments in low-income communities.

In 2019, opposed SB 54, which outlines a comprehensive plan to address plastic pollution and the waste crisis by setting targets to achieve a 75% reduction of single-use packaging and products by 2030.

Oil, Gas & Transportation

In 2019, opposed SB 127 which would have prioritized the inclusion of complete streets, which is safe and accessible infrastructure for people of all abilities who walk, bike, use public transit, when routine maintenance is done on state owned streets.

In 2019, opposed AB 936 which required the state to be more prepared for non-floating oil spills, one of the dirtiest and most destructive heavy crudes, by requiring notifications so that communities know when non-floating oil is being transported through their city and can properly respond if a spill occurs.

In 2019, opposed AB 342 which prohibits the state from entering into any new lease authorizing new construction of oil and natural gas related infrastructure on federally protected public lands.

In 2019, opposed SB 551 which requires oil and gas operators to demonstrate to the state their ability to pay for the cleanup of oil and gas wells and production facilities. This allows the state to adequately assess the total cost of liabilities and avoid entering billions in liabilities without a plan.

Water, Land & Parks

In 2019, refused to support SB 200 which established the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund which will help the one million Californians who have toxic drinking water access clean and affordable drinking water.

In 2019, opposed SB 1 which would have defended California from the Trump Administration’s attempts to rollback or environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and workplace safety laws.

In 2019, opposed SB 307 which restored science-based decision-making to stop an environmentally disastrous project, the Cadiz Water Project, which would have pumped 16 billion gallons of water a year from a fragile desert aquifer in the Mojave desert.

Campaign Finance

Sen. Andreas Borgeas has accepted oil industry contributions and consistently sides with the oil industry when voting.